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Martel BetaLOG Software

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OUR PRICE: Discontinued
Item Number: BetaLOG-PI
Manufacturer: Martel Electronics (Beta)
Manufacturer Part No: 1919826
Martel BetaLOG™ Software
Martel BetaLOG™ Software
Martel BetaLOG Software
BetaLOG is the high performance answer for pressure data logging applications. Whether you need to log data on one BetaGauge PI or 100, one easy to use, low cost application handles your entire requirement. And, BetaLOG also works with the ultra-accurate, BetaGauge PIR Reference Class gauge.  BetaLOG configures the gauge to operate in demand ad-hoc mode (field configuration) or download mode (computer configuration) for complete flexibility in configuring your data logging application.
Using the download operational mode allows a wide range of configuration setting, including:
  • Multiple interval selection options from 1 second to 1 hour
  • Data logging runds can range from only a few seconds to several weeks
  • Log ambient temprature along with pressure for leak testing applications
  • Four types of data capture mode allows you to log either all data or only the points your interested in:
    -Continuous (log all data at predefined intervals)
    -Data high (log data only when it rises above a present value)
    -Data low (log data only when it falls below a present value)
    -Delta trip (for detecting noise or transients in the pressure signal)
  • Number of data points to record (up to the maximum of 8500 points)
  • Type of data:
    -Interval end

But, it’s not only the BetaLOG software that’s smart. The BetaGauge PI is smart, too. With its high speed 10 readings per second measurement ability, you’ll get the kind of accuracy you need for your application. It’s ideal for applications like hydrostatic testing of pressure vessels and monitoring of well head pressures.

When set to Demand mode data logging, you can easily set up and initiate data logging in the field using the BetaGauge PI keypad with a few easy key presses. Did we mention in the field? That’s where BetaGauge PI shines with its rugged stainless steel rubber booted housing, durable Lexan® faceplate, IP 65 rating and extremely long battery life. It is also CSA and ATEX rated for use in hazardous areas. (II 3 G EEx nA IIB T6 - KEMA 06ATEX0014 X - Ta=–10°C... +55°C Class I, Div. 2, Groups A-D, CSA LR110460 Do not connect to the serial port when operating in hazardous locations)

The BetaGauge PI supports multiple data sets and they can be mixed between Demand mode and Download mode, no problem!
Once the data is logged in the gauge non-volatile memory, a quick RS-232 connection allows BegaLOG to retrieve the data and store it on your computer in a variety of formats:
  • Plain ASCII text (.TXT)
  • Comma delimited text (.CSV)
  • Microsoft™ Excel™ Spreadsheet (requires Excel 2002 or later on the host PC)
  • Micorsoft Excel Spreadsheet with template formatting (sample templates come with the BetaLOG application and you can create your own to meet your specific requirements).
The data you get is reliable, accurate, easy to acquire and manage for a tremendous variety of applications.
  • Hydrostatic pressure testing
  • Leak detection
  • Transient pressure spike detection
  • Well head pressure monitoring
  • And many others...
BetaLOG software is not only easy to use; it runs quickly on almost any modern Windows™ based PC.  The basic requirements are:
  • Pentium CPU, 1.0 GHz
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 5 MB disk storage plus additional storage for logged data
  • Windows XP professional, Vista Business, or Ultimate
  • Optional Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software (for data analysis in spreadsheet format)
  • BetaGauge PI or PIR with firmware revision 3.00 or higher

BetaLOG is provided with the software CD media, RS-232 cable to connect gauge, USB/Serial adapter for use on notebooks without standard serial port and complete users guide.

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