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BetaGauge PI Pro Digital Pressure Test Gauge

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OUR PRICE: Discontinued Replaced by Fluke 700G
Item Number: BetaGauge-PI
Manufacturer: Martel Electronics (Beta)
Manufacturer Part No: BetaGauge-PI
Martel BetaGauge PI Pro Digital Pressure Test Gauge

BetaGauge PI Pro Digital Pressure Test Gauge

    The BetaGauge P. I. Digital Pressure Test
Gauge takes the concept of an analog Test
Gauge, and brings it to a new level, as only
Beta Calibrators can do. The BetaGauge P. I.
combines the accuracy of digital technology
with the simplicity of an analog gauge, and
achieves performance, ease-of-use, and a
feature set unmatched in the pressure measurement
world. Setup of the BetaGauge P. I. is fast and
straightforward, through a menu-driven display,
with minimal text, and intuitive functions, that is
simple enough to allow the gauge to be used
anywhere in the world, without the need for
multilingual displays. And the availability of
optional sanitary seals that meet 3A standards
per specification 37-01 allow the gauge to be
used in virtually any application. Ease-of-use,
performance, and features set the BetaGauge P. I.
Digital Pressure Test Gauge apart, just as you’ve
come to expect from Beta Calibrators!


     Very high accuracy compared to analog test gauges
     +/-0.05% F. S.; temperature compensated 
     Temperature compensated accuracy over 0 to 50 C 
     Eight (8) standard pressure ranges 
     Displays in 18 standard or fully custom engineering units 
     Displays ambient temperature in C or F 
     Large, back-lit, 5-1/2 digit display with 0.65" digits 
     20 segment bar graph 
     Rugged stainless steel case meets NEMA 4/IP65 
     Password-protected 'through the keypad' calibration 
     MIN/MAX recall 
     Adjustable TARE zeros large system offsets 
     User-configurable sample rate maximizes performance and battery life 
     User-configurable damping provides stable readings 
     Auto Shut-off for extended battery life 
     Low battery indicator 
     CSA intrinsically safe, Class 1, Div. 1  
     CE approved 
     Available with optional sanitary seal 
     Available with optional 24 V external power input 
     Available with optional rubber boot 
     Also available as a kit (with Hand pump)

Technical Specifications:

BetaGauge PI
Pressure Range
 15 psi/1 BAR, 30 psi/2 BAR, 100 psi/7 BAR,
 500 psi/30 BAR, 1,000 psi/70 BAR,
 3,000 psi/200 BAR, 5,000 psi/300 BAR,
 10,000 psi/700 BAR

 +/-0.05% FS Positive Pressure
 +/-0.25% FS Vacuum/500 psi and below

 Temp Comp 0 to 50 C

Standard Units
 PSI, Bar, Kg/cm2, inH2O (4 C, 20 C, 60 F),
 ft H2O (4 C, 20 C or 60 F), cmH2O (4 C
 20C), mH2O (4 C and 20 C), Kpa,
 mBAR,  inHg, mmHg, TORR
Media Compatibility

 Liquids and gases compatible
 with 316 stainless steel

Operating Temperature

 -10 °C to +55 C

 -20 C to +70 C (-4 F to +158 F)
 4.375" x 5.0" x 1.50"
Input Port
 1/4" Male NPT Bottom (Rear Option)
 5 Digits, 0.65" (16.53 mm) height
 Bar Graph – 0 to 100% in 20 segments
 Three (3), Size AA
Battery Life

 1,500 hours without backlight;
 2,000 hours at slow sample rate;

 Low Battery Indicator

Sanitary Seal Option

     The BetaGauge P. I. is available with diaphragm
seals made of 316 stainless steel, with quick-couples
that meet 3A Standards per specification
37-01 for use in sanitary piping applications in the
food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and other
industries requiring extreme levels of purity. The
seal elements are designed to mount on tees or
welding ferrules. Their design allows for fast,
efficient installation and removal for flushing or
changing process media, line cleanout, and
equipment washdown.

External Power Input Option

An optional external 24 VDC power input is available
for applications where the BetaGauge P. I. will be
permanently incorporated into a process line.

Rubber Boot Option

A protective rubber boot is available to help protect
the BetaGauge P. I. from damage when dropped.

Pressure Calibration Kit Option

The BetaGauge P. I. is available in a self-contained calibration kit, including a hand pressure pump, and associated fittings.

Available In:
     - 500 PSIG (Pneumatic)
     - 3000 PSIG (Hydraulic)



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