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Martel PTC-8010 Thermocouple and RTD Temperature Calibrator

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OUR PRICE: $1,599.99
Item Number: PTC-8010
Manufacturer: Martel Electronics (Beta)
Manufacturer Part No: PTC-8010

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Martel PTC Calibration Options
Martel PTC-8010 Thermocouple and RTD Temperature Calibrator

Martel PTC-8010 Thermocouple and RTD Temperature Calibrator

     The Martel PTC-8010 Precision Temperature Calibrator is an ideal device to handle all of your temperature calibration needs in a truely rugged, low cost package. It combines virtually all widely used thermocouples and RTD's in one device-you'll never have to worry about finding a temperature device you can't calibrate. This is especially true when calibrating "smart" or pulsed Current RTD transmitters where many other calibrators fail to work or operate at reduced accuracy specifications. The PTC-8010 handles those applications with ease. The Martel PTC-8010 replaces the popular Martel PTC-8001 calibrator.

Features - Martel PTC-8010:
  • Simple, straight forward, Intuitive user interface
  • Easy to learn yet powerful 3 Key Martel Menu System
  • New ClearBrite™ Graphic Display
  • New streamlined case design
  • Calibrate thermocouples and RTDs with one unit
  • Works with Rosemount 3144 and all other smart transmitters (Pulsed current type)
  • Direct keyboard entry or scroll control of output
  • User-defined setpoints
  • High accuracy ±0.4°C J thermocouple and ±0.3 °C PT 100-385 RTDs; all errors included
  • Thirteen (13) thermocouple types and thirteen (13) RTD types including PT 385 (1,000 Ohm) and Cu (10 Ohm)
  • NEMA 4 rated case, rugged design
  • RTD simulation works with all pulsed (smart) transmitters
  • YSI 400 series thermistor range for medical applications
  • Standard mini-plug connections for T/C
  • Standard banana jack connections for RTDsStore setpoints for each output function
  • RS232 interface
  • Supplied in full rubber boot; optional carrying case available
  • Includes Factory supplied calibration report 

Technical Specifications - Martel PTC-8010: