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Fluke 9132 Portable Infrared Calibrator

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OUR PRICE: $6,719.00
Item Number: 9132
Manufacturer: FLUKE
Manufacturer Part No: 9132
Fluke 9132 Portable Infrared Calibrator
Fluke 9132 Portable Infrared Calibrator

Precision when you need it for infrared temperature calibration

  • Certify IR pyrometers from –30 °C to 500 °C (–22 °F to 932 °F)
  • Large 57 mm (2.25 in) blackbody target
  • RTD reference well for contact temperature measurement
  • Small, compact design

Whether you’re using in-line or handheld infrared pyrometers, you need good calibration standards to verify their accuracy. Our portable IR calibrators provide stable blackbody targets for calibrating noncontact IR thermometers from –30°C to 500°C.

These units feature a temperature controlled measurement surface with a diameter of 2.25" (57 mm). The target temperature can be controlled in set-point increments of 0.1° from –30°C to 500°C and a well is located directly behind the blackbody surface for contact calibration.


For IR calibrations above normal ambient, the 9132 provides a stable measurement surface up to 500°C (932°F). Short heating and cooling times mean you won’t have to wait long to get your work done.

Technical Specificiations

Temperature Range
50 °C to 500 °C
(122°F to 932°F)
± 0.5 °C at 100 °C
(± 0.9°F at 212°F)
± 0.8 °C at 500 °C
(± 1.4 °F at 932 °F)
± 0.1°C at 100°C
(± 0.18°F at 212°F)
± 0.3°C at 500°C
(± 0.54°F at 932°F)
Target Size 57 mm (2.25 in)
Target Emissivity 0.95 (± 0.02 from 8 to 14 mm)
Resolution 0.1 °
Heating Time 30 minutes (50 °C to 500 °C)
Cooling Time 30 minutes (500 °C to 100 °C)
Computer Interface RS-232 I/O included with 9930 Interface-it software
115 V ac (± 10 %), 3 A or
230 V ac (± 10 %), 1.5 A,
switchable, 50/60 Hz, 340 W
Size (HxWxD)
102 x 152 x 178 mm
(4 x 6 x 7 in )
Weight 1.8 kg (4 lb)
Contact Calibration
Data at 50°C, 100°C, 200°C, 250°C, 300°C, 400°C, and 500°C

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