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Ametek Jofra CTC-1200A Dry Block Calibrator (300 TO 1200 C)

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OUR PRICE: $7,850.00
Item Number: CTC1200A-115B
Manufacturer: Ametek (JOFRA)
Manufacturer Part No: CTC1200A-115B

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Ametek Jofra CTC-1200A Dry Block Calibrator

Ametek Jofra CTC-1200 A Dry Block Temperature Calibrator

The Ametek CTC-1200A Heats to 1200 Deg C!

      The new Ametek CTC-1200 A  dry block calibrator covers the temperature scale in the high range from 300 to 1205 C / 572 to 2200 F having an excellent stability of 0.1 C / 0.18 F. To be able to do calibration jobs in the shortest possible time the calibrator is quick to both heat up and cool down. Combining these abilities with the well-known auto stepping function makes it a very timesaving feature.

High accuracy at high temperatures

     The CTC-1200A contains a unique designed well with the internal sensor placed in the specially drilled inserts and a non-linear heating element. In combination with the MVI circuitry this design ensures high accuracy and excellent stability when calibrating different sizes of sensors without use of an external reference sensor. The CTC-1200A offers an immersion depth of 110 mm / 4.3 in. for calibrating sensors up to a diameter of 12 mm / 12 in. Besides these advantages the CTC-1200A is smallest in its class and thereby easy to carry into the process.

     The CTC series is designed for both on-site and maintenance shop use.The applications are generally critical process control but can vary based oncalibration and testing requirements. The user interface is easy and intuitive.One-key-one-function gives you quick access to timesaving features such as the switch test or the auto-stepping function. All models feature a large, backlit LCD display panel, which is easy-to-read even in well-lit areas. Units featur an informative display that provides icons and information regarding the status of the CTC and the calibration in-progress. The JOFRA CTC series consists of six different models that differ in temperature ranges and immersion depths. All units offer similar features. A rugged, slim-line, aluminum outer casing with diecast top and bottom protects the CTC series of dry-block calibrators. For easy documentation and automatic calibration, all units are delivered with RS232 serial communication and AMECAL-LIGHT PC calibration software.

 Six models- The JOFRA CTC series consists of six different models which differ in temperature range and immersion depth. All units offer similar features and the large, backlit LCD display panel, which is easy-to-read even in well-lit areas. A rugged, slim-line, aluminium outer casing with die-cast top and bottom protects the CTC series of dry-blocks.

   Model and temperature range:
     CTC-140 A     -17 to 140 C/-1 to 284 F
     CTC-320 A      33  to 320 C/91 to 608 F
     CTC-320 B      33  to 320 C/91 to 608 F (Deep Well)
     CTC-650 A      33  to 650 C/91 to 1202 F
     CTC-650 B      33  to 650 C/91 to 1202 F (Deep Well)
     CTC-1200 A   300 to 1200 C/572 to 2200 F

Well - optimized for speed - The special designed heating block profile reduces the mass so it heats up and cools down very quickly. The design still offers good stability and accuracy.

High flexibility - You are not limited by fixed holes. Interchangeable insertion tubes are used to match the diameter of your sensor-under-test. Also multihole inserts are available.

  Stability indicator -
Clear audio and visual indication in the display when the calibrator is stable.


  • Interchangeable inserts
  • Multi-hole insertion tubes
  • Automatic switch test
  • RS 232 and calibration software
  • Multi information display
  • Safty banana bushings
  • Auto stepping
  • Stability indicator
  • Count down timer (shows when unit is stable)
  • Programmable maximum temperature
  • Fast simulation/training mode
  • Re-calibration from keyboard

Easy-to-use - Intuitive operation - All instrument controls may be performed from the front panel. The heat source is positioned away from the panel. This design helps to protect the operator. The main functions on the CTC series are designed with one-key-one-function logic. This means that there are no sub-menus or difficult to remember multiple keystrokes necessary to access primary functions. The easy-to-read, backlit display features dedicated icons, which help in identifying instrument conditions and operational steps.

Set temperature - The Up and Down arrow keys allow the user to set the exact temperature desired with a resolution of 0.1 C or F.

Instrument setups - The CTC series stores the complete instrument setup, including: engineering units, stability criteria, resolution, display contrast, slope (ramp) rate, auto step settings, and maximum temperature.

Automatic switch test - Operators can save a lot of time using the automatic thermoswitch test function to find values for the Open and Close temperatures. Additionally, this feature displays the hysteresis (deadband) between the two points. The feature ensures a very high repeatability when testing thermo-switches. Simply press the SWITCH TEST key to activate the function.

Maximum temperature - From the setup menu, the user can select the maximum temperature limit for the calibrator. This function prevents damage to the sensor-under-test caused by the application of excessive temperatures.

Re-calibration/adjustments - The CTC series has a very easy and straight forward procedure for re-calibration/adjustment. There is no need fora screwdriver or PC software. The only thing you need is a reliable reference thermometer. Place this reference probe in the calibrator and follow the instructions on the display.

Liquid filled sensors and switches - The tall B models with an immersion depth of 190 mm / 7.5 in. are ideal for calibration of liquid filled sensors. The specially designed non-linear heating elements in the CTC-650B and the increased block mass provide a very homogeneous temperature throughout the block. It is essential for the quality of the calibration/test that the full lenght of the sensing part of the sensor is exposed to the same temperature. Calibrate analog reading devices or switches with very high repeatability.

Simplified calibration documentation
All JOFRA CTC- instruments
are supplied with RS232 computer interface and the calibration software
AMECAL-LIGHT for on-line use. This WINDOWS
-based software allows
the user to customize his or her calibration routines. The software is easy
to use so you do not have to be a programmer to configure your own
calibration procedures. After calibration you can print out certificates
that contain all necessary information for your ISO-9000 or similar
quality systems.
The ETC calibrator can also work with the larger
AMECAL-TEM-PERATURE software, which supports automatic calibration
for all JOFRA dry-block calibrators equipped with an RS-232 serial data
interface including the JOFRA DTI-1000 digital thermome-ter. For
semi-automatic calibrations, the software also supports liquid baths, ice points, or other dry-block heating and cooling sources. Using the software's
SCENARIO function allows for combining instruments in virtually
any configuration.


Specs  23 C

Min. Temp.

-17 C
-1 F

33 C
91 F

33 C
91 F

33 C
122 F

33 C
122 F

300 C
572 F

Max. Temp.

140 C
284 F

320 C
608 F

650 C
1202 F

320 C
608 F

650 C
1202 F

1205 C
2200 F

Heating Time

15 min.

4 min.

10 min.

20 min.

39 min.

45 min.

Cooling Time

 100 C to
0 C
10 Min

 320 C to 100 C
16 Min

 650 C to 100 C
28 Min

 320 C to 100 C
22 Min

650 C to
100 C
62 Min 

 1200 C to
300 C
120 Min 


0.4 C
0.7 F

0.5 C
0.9 F

0.9 C
1.6 F

0.5 C
0.9 F

0.6 C
1.1 F

2.0 C
3.6 F


0.05 C
0.09 F

0.1 C
0.18 F

0.1 C
0.18 F

0.1 C
0.18 F

0.05 C
0.09 F

0.1 C
0.18 F

Immersion Depth

115 mm
4.5 in.

110 mm
4.3 in.

110 mm
4.3 in.

190 mm
7.5 in.

190 mm
7.5 in.

110 mm
4.3 in.

Insert Diameter

19 mm
3/4 in.

26 mm
1 in.

26 mm
1 in.

26 mm
1 in.

26 mm
1 in.

27 mm
1 in.


9.5 x 5.5 x
12.8 in.
15.5 Lbs.

9.5 x 5.5 x 12.8 in.
11 Lbs.

9.5 x 5.5 x 12.8 in.
13 Lbs.

 9.5 x 5.5 x 16.1 in.
15.3 Lbs.

9.5 x 5.5 x
16.1 in.
23 Lbs.

9.5 x 5.5 x
16.1 in.
26.5 Lbs.

All Calibrators include Test Leads, Power Cable, 1 Insert
Tube (You Select), Manual, Factory Calibration Certificate,
RS-232 Cable, AmeCal-Light Software, Insert Removal Tool

 Ametek Jofra CTC-1200A User Manual